I’ve started a remix for my friend James Pianoman Sammon.
As you know, all my mixes are done using original early 90s equipment and Cubase VST 3.55 on a Windows 98 laptop 🙂
Here is how I got the vocals into my AKAI S3000XL in no time:
Pics 1&2 – Edit vocals into 52 parts in Sound Forge
Pics 3 – All the samples, named in the right order = 12.3 MEGABYTES!
Pics 4&5 – Transferring the samples from WAV to AKAI microSD card with Translator
Pic 6 – The samples loaded in my S3000XL, 61% memory still left! 😀
The top AKAI can access the card reader in the second one via SCSI even when it’s switched off.

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